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Aug. 18th, 2009

(7) Banners
 - 3 song lyric banners
  (3) Hotspur
 - 2 Bleach banners
  (1) Retsu Unohana
  (1) Mayuri Kurotsuchi
 - 1 Emma Watson
 - 1 Misc.

Developing style...Collapse )

I'd like to note that the Bleach banners were made at the same time as the others and I simply forgot to add them. The song lyric banners were made only a short time after them. The last two banners were made this week. ^^
If you have a request, I'm open.

Random little update

Hello there, everyone. I haven't updated in some time, so I though it would be nice to post to say I'm alive. Naturally, if I'm to update, I have to bring some graphics, ne? I haven't been doing too much, but I'm slowly starting to get into wanting to do some icons again. I've been playing with banners a lot lately.

Hopefully within a week I'll post a couple more, but for now you'll get the poor icons I made for icon challenges and never submitted.

Total - (5) Bleach icons
- 2 Rukia Kuchiki + 2 variations
- 1 Byakuya Kuchiki


Credit attributed at my Resources page~

LunarEclipse shipping - Darkrai x Cresselia

I realized recently that I have never posted my own drawings here. Ever-!
Wow. I would've sworn I had, but I guess that means I have something new to add now. ;P
But I think I'll stay in the realm of fanart, because if I went into O.C.s and Fancharacters, we would be weeding through doodles no one cares about for weeks.

Here's to going way off to the side, then! My first post having anything to do with Pokemon. And Hellsing, though I know nothing about that series. o.o I would like to please request you do *NOT* use either the Darkrai or Cresselia or misc. banner, because both of which are being posted here for the convenience of a friend I made them for. If you want me to make you a signature like that, feel free to ask and I will. ^^ Feel free to use the Alucard banner, however.

(1) Pokemon Fanart
 - Darkrai x Cresselia
(2) Pokemon Banner
 - Darkrai
 - Cresselia
(1) Hellsing Banner
 - Alucard
(1) Misc. Song Lyric banner
I've been busy, lately...Collapse )

Icon Post 3

I've realized, after seeing the icon post of [info]senbonzakura77, I realized that I have multiple icons I've made for contests that I have never officially posted in my journal. So I thought I would just post a couple of them. I've done better, and I'm not so proud of some of them so I'll work on a better icon post soon. I will do my best not to mess up the icon table again here. @.@

Just a light reminder, if you are ever looking for anything in particular in my journal, the tags will get you everywhere. I meticulously upkeep them. Also, I won't repost any icons here, but I have been doing a challenge for iconaday (here) that I update multiple times every so often with icons to fit. [shameless advertising] You should go look and see them, because some of them are multiple times better then those I enter to challenges and contests.

(15) Bleach icons
 -3 Ise Nanao
 -3 Uryu Ishida
 -2 Jushiro Ukitake
 -1 Byakuya Kuchiki
 -1 Orihime Inoue
 -1 Shunsui Kyoraku
 -1 Renji Abrarai
 -1 Ichigo Kurosaki
 -1 Zangetsu

Experimentation is long, but useful...Collapse )

Friends Only...banner

I haven't been posting my graphics too much lately, but I've actually been making quite a few icons. I ought to do an icon post when my challenges finish up. I've fallen somewhat behind in my iconaday challenge and my sentient_icons challenge (though it seems very slow over there. :/) so I'll try to update everything and do some noticible things over the next week. For now, you get to see my experiment in all meaning of the word.

I was practicing today, after seeing senbonzakura77 's post, and it simply made me think of making my own banner. I had been coloring the Ulquiorra picture, so I decided to finish it and use it. I tried keeping it simple, but I think I used to many things on it again. This made me think of what the other Espada's banners would look like. Sayzel expecially. ;D *cough*neon pink*cough*

Preview : 

(1) Manga Colored ScanCollapse )

(1) BannerCollapse )

(10) Cropped IconsCollapse )

Soi Fon : Sting my enemy, Suzumibachi

{1} Soi Fon wallpaper from Bleach

Full uploaded picture

I had a ton of fun making this wallpaper. I was able to incorporate my new failing knowledge of the pen tool, and I was also able to add my favorite quote from Soi Fon on here about the Stealth Force, one of the few things that reveals her attitude toward her division and its theme. I was also able to use her flower crest. ^^

- I would love any suggestions, tips, general directions, or tutorial links. ^^; *nudge, nudge*
- Feel free to use this for your own desktop if you like, please enjoy.
- Please comment! What do you think? What didn't fit, what looks good, what should I try instead?

Roleplaying icon post

{12} Bleach icons
 - (6) Uryu Ishida + (6) variations

Teaser : 

Clear glasses or noticibly colored glasses...?Collapse )

Perhaps this would have made sense if I waited a while until I accumulated a couple more characters and icons. I got a little impatient, and it's making me gloomy seeing their failing glory in my icon uploading folder. So, here is my first attempt ever at making some sort of roleplaying icons. I actually had quite a lot of fun touching them up and coloring them. I've also learned a few tricks/tips/ideas I'm going to use the next time I try.
#1 : Make a color palette and stick with it. Make the colors consistent.
#2 : Be more careful in clearing out the extra blurs and colors in the corners and backgrounds.
#3 : Try using a colored background instead of white.
#4 : Try screening the linart to make it blend and match more nicely.

Other suggestions/comments are appreciated. I'd also like to know your honest opinion on these. I can tell you I personally don't like pretty much the last row. I actually really love #1 and 2 for the color and picture, but I love #3.

How is my cropping? Bad, iffy, or normal?

Jushiro Ukitake : Ponytail is <3

(1) Jushiro Ukitake Wallpaper


I don't know how to make an image downloadable, so I just uploaded it to Photobucket. I made it so it wasn't so wide this time. ^^;

- I would love any suggestions, tips, general directions, or tutorial links. ^^;
- Feel free to use this for your own desktop if you like, please enjoy.
- Please comment! I would love to know if anyone likes or uses this so I can know If I should bother posting any others....

Ukitake & Shunsui : True Friendship

This is the first time I've tried doing a wallpaper. I wanted to make my desktop look a little brighter, and since I've always wanted to have an Ukitake and Shunsui wallpaper, I decided I would use them as the subject for my first attempt. I dug up all of my manga scans of them and realized that with so many pictures of them side by side, it would look nice if I could have the pictures opposite each other.

(1) Ukitake x Shunsui Wallpaper


I don't know how to make an image downloadable, so I just uploaded it to Photobucket. ^^;

- I would love any suggestions, tips, general directions, or tutorial links. I tried finding some help beforehand, but being unsuccesful, I just did as best I could with what I knew.
- Feel free to use this for your own desktop if you like, please enjoy.

Wherever you are, you'll find me, just look...Collapse )

More Bleach roleplaying banners

A Total of (4) Bleach banners
-1- Ichigo Kurosaki
-1- Orihime Inoue
-1- Yumichika Ayasegawa
-1- Szayel Aporro Granz

Making banners is always fun for me...Collapse )

Four new banners I made for the new members at my roleplaying community. If you want to use these, please comment to tell me, I'd like to know if they're liked or being used at all. ^-^

~ Credit is not necessary.
~ Comment on what you like and what you take. Honest critique is desired in particular.
~ Suggestions/Requests for other characters are nice.
~ When in doubt, read my Resources and Credits.


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