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Amethyst Dew Drops

A graphics making journal

Azuvala Assantri

Carpe Diem

On Indefinite Hiatus

Regarding this Journal

Hello. My name is Azuvala Assantri. This is a journal I created to organize and display my icons that people might like or banners. I hope that you enjoy seeing the things I have spent time on, and hopefully you will find something you are looking for here. This journal is not often updated, only every so often when the mood strikes me.

My journal is organized primarily by tags. I do not require credit, but comments are nice as a substitute. If you have any concerns, check my Recources & Credits.

Carpe Diem.
Life is too short- Live for today, because yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never be.

Current Icon Challenge(s):
Sentient_Icons : 12/25 icons of Ise Nanao from Bleach
Iconaday : 39/100 icons of the Bleach anime

Regular Icontests:
Bleach_Icontest // BleaCHorus // icompete

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